Ethical Fashion

For the conscious woman to find timeless pieces to curate a soulful wardrobe full of art.

It isn't just OUR mission

Social Responsibility

At Stark & Freya, we believe in giving back by the collective power of conscious consuming.

In a world where there is so much choice, we need to become more aware of the impact of our shopping decisions and participate in the preservation of our planet's precious resources.

For us to achieve our mission, we all need to work together.

Around The World

Conscious Fashion Labels

Stark & Freya wants to bring together responsible brands that remain true to ethical standards and liberating style.

Brands that celebrate culture, femininity, beauty, rawness, and sustainability.

Brands that tell a story of empowerment and community.

We want to support small local brands and encourage our big labels to shift towards a more sustainable model.

Greater good

A future for all

At Stark & Freya, we want to be proud of who we are, who our brands are and our community.

We want to inspire our community to become educated about the origins of the products they consume and what they represent. To give travelers the experience of that country like nothing else.

What story do my clothes tell? What impact they have on our planet? Who is making them? Where are they coming from? 

Support the planet, to help keep the world a place people want to continue exploring.