I was born in Peru in the 90s, to parents who have worked admirably to build their dreams from the ground up; in particular my mother, a powerhouse business woman in the agricultural sector. Growing up in this environment at the same time Peru was fighting against terrorism, along with the world experiencing a technology and globalization shift ingrained in me: to always be grateful, the importance of connection and gave me the drive to change the world for the better.

Driving this change starts by having a vision. Living and being educated in Peru sparked my imagination; from learning about the Inca Empire an advanced civilisation guided by Astrology and Mother Earth, to the “Ashaninkas” the powerful guardians and natural healers of the Amazon. Being fortune enough to have visited the Amazon for Biology class and to taste the exotic organic food, made me want to preserve our planet's precious resources.

Supporting Mother Earth doesn’t just end at guarding and supporting our resources but also its people. Extreme poverty and injustice still exist even in countries that I grew up in like Peru that are resource rich and diverse. Stark & Freya was born out of wanting to inspire our community to become educated about the origins of the products they consume and what they represent. It is critical for us to be conscious and recognise the power our buying decisions have to serve communities or break them.

Valuing the importance of education, travel and developing a sustainable lifestyle, I completed my Bachelor in Engineer and set out for a new adventure in Australia. Since living in Australia, I have completed my Master’s in Environmental Sustainability, Advertising and became a Master Reiki yoga educator. Fuelling my eagerness to act on creating a more sustainable world, Australia’s ambition to: reduce their carbon footprint, sense of community and open-hearted culture made this place an easy choice to launch Stark & Freya.

Fashion has always been a big part of my life; it has been a form of self-expression and creating a statement. But for many years fashion played a big role in my confidence and self-worth. When something external has an impact on how you feel it can create a dependency to buying more to satisfy your own emptiness. When I realised the negative effects that my habits were having on the environment, myself and those around me it touched a deep side of my core values: how could I truly feel confident in clothes which had been made in circumstances that created harm into a person, animal and/or the environment.

My habits needed to change, but I also needed to be mindful of every decision that I was making. I started making more conscious purchases, educating myself about the value, story, and ethics behind each brand consumed. I couldn’t understand why such an important message was so often treated as an afterthought for many of the brands I looked into. It was hard to find sustainable brands without compromising style and variety of designs. Clearly, as a customer, I thought we deserve better.

I am a strong believer that the fashion industry needed a real shift, along with our personal relationships towards shopping. Inspired by the Australian culture and fashion; sustainable and slow fashion wave and most importantly my own journey I created Stark & Freya.

I smile at the synchronicity that brought me here. I have a wholesome desire to protect the environment and every living being. My goal is to create change, to do what we can to help heal the world, and to learn from each other.

Oceans of love,

Ivana xx